Softsubs//Bromance BTS (Megan/River Cut)

For Bromance fans who would like English subtitles of Men’s Talk, I am doing them, but only for Megan and River’s parts for the time being. When time permits, I may sub the BTSes fully.

This is my first time subbing, and they are soft subs. All are timed according to the Men’s Talk videos on SETTV’s official youtube channel. If you experience any trouble please let me know.

I don’t mind if you repost or do whatever you want with it, but please just credit me and link back if you do. Thanks! 🙂

This post is now pinned to the top! So you can easily check for updates. Cheers!

Episode 1:  Link

Subbed Timings – 00:00-02:25, 03:03-03:13, 03:23-03:36, 04:46-05:48, 07:00-08:06

Episode 2:  Link

Subbed Timings – 00:00-00:36, 03:27-05:26

Episode 8: Link

*Video Note: SETTV has only updated the BTSes up to Ep 5. So I based the timings off this video.


*Translator’s Note: When you watch the subs you will find the nicknames, “First Wife” and “Second Wife” mentioned. First Wife, Second Wife and Third Wife is a long running joke among the cast members (no prizes for guessing which couple of fools thought this up haha). 嫂 (or sister-in-law) is what gang members call the gang leader’s wife. In this joke, Qing Yang is Zi Feng’s first wife, Ya Nuo is the second, and eventually Han Sheng is the 3rd. They use this joke often to make fun of being Qing Yang being ‘jealous’ of Ya Nuo.

Subbed Timings – 00:00-02:53, 04:51-05:14, 05:54-06:55

Episode 13: Link

*Note: I’m back to basing the timings on the SETTV’s channels uploads. Please refer to their youtube channel.

Subbed Timings – 00:00-08:12

Episode 17: Link

*Please use this video for correct timings.

Subbed Timings – 00:37-3:41, 4:41-5:17, 6:13-9:05

Yes, indeed I subbed Sean/Megan parts this week too! (Cos they were so cute).

Episode 18: Link

*Please use this video for correct timings.

Subbed Timings – Basically everything 😀

*Translator’s Note: You will see River clasping Megan’s fingers with little wooden pieces at one stage. This is a nod to Chinese period dramas. In ancient China this was a punishment where the prisoner would have their fingers squeezed between sticks.


Showbiz BTS 20160202 Part 1: Link

Subbed Timings – 00:00-5:15


Update on RM 

So this is probably gonna be my last post. I really hate to have had to go awol on the forums and this blog but life’s upheaval has seen me move the country,  get a new job,  spend pretty much every waking moment on community activities. I didn’t want to make sparse posts and come and go. So this is going to be my last in awhile.  

BUT most importantly I came back to write this. Part of the reason why I started the series on RM was because I hoped that people would also enjoy the subtleties that they might have otherwise missed. I don’t really see the point of writing them anymore because for a long time now I’ve thought that it is GLARINGLY obvious these two’s friendship has turned into something way more. That takes away half of the fruitfulness of writing a manifesto. 

Their interactions speak for themselves, I’m expecting wedding announcements like soon-ish.It’s way too real y’all.  

RM will be my #1 irl otp always and forever.  Glad those two have been there for each other this past year. They honestly make me want to cry.  It’s been good. And I’m sure when I check back on their news it’s gonna be even better.  

Third Time’s a Charm Pt 5: There’s Only One

*Note: This was supposed to be the last of all the parts, the cherry on top of the cake. However, this past month I have collected a range of videos and articles for this one part, to the point where I’m getting confused as to what I saved them for. In order to organise them, I’ve decided to publish this post first, and surely, it will grow and be edited in time.


Today we go into dangerous territory. This is the point where I try to make a case that these two people are highly compatible. I’ll give a number of reasons why. But again, their public personae make up only a part of them and their lives. I am limited by sources and an impersonal interpretation of them. You’ll also understand that in life there are many high compatible people that end up as firm friends rather than lovers. The reason why I choose to say this is because a lingering notion of “they may never get together” is the bitter coffee to go with the sweet cookies. It’s the brake pedal that frees you to go for a long ride.

I’ll be honest, recent interactions between the two have left me thinking, “Wait, is there something really going on here?” But unless I hear either of them confess they are together, I will not take it upon myself to guarantee so.

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Fan Project: Calling Bromance Fans!!

Signal boosting on behalf of the awesome Bromance fan community on Soompi. We’d love for you readers to join ok? You don’t have to be a forum member!

We’d love the Bromance staff and crew to know how popular the show is overseas. At Soompi (an international forum), we’re preparing to send the cast messages from all over the world. Take this chance to share your love for the show, actors/actress, crew, and staff that made this drama!

Our project is composed of: 1) Digitally sending a short letter about the popularity overseas, translated into Chinese. 2) A map showing all the places the fans are from. 3) Either a digital photo album or video of the images fans send us.

Please take a few seconds to fill out this form of where you are for our map. 

If you’d like a picture of your handwritten message (written either in Chinese or in your own language) to be included, please send a message to


Third Time’s a Charm Pt 4: My Du Zi Feng

Part 1 (Updated with a small part on River’s thoughts on kissing Megan), Part 2, Part 3 (Updated with a link and pics).

Back in early December, media reports started broadcasting and writing on the SETTV awards. Of all the acceptance speeches that were spoken that night one line was quoted and replayed more than the others, and that was Megan’s heartfelt shout out to her co-lead, River: “…Even though my Du Zi Feng didn’t win an award just now, he’s the Best Actor in my heart forever.”


Her message was clear, her sincerity evident, her loyalty unquestionable, and what I would give to have seen River’s reaction to it.

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Third Time’s a Charm Pt 3: Everyday Heroism

Part 1,  Part 2

One of the results of long, exhausting periods of filming is a sense of comradeship among the cast and crew. With River and Megan being the two main leads, they could technically just ‘get the job done’ but you can tell that they form each other’s on set support system. This was one of the first things that caught my attention.

River’s known by fans to be rather gentlemanly and it’s been said that regardless of events or fan meets in a considerate manner. Perhaps as an extension of his personality, though he does go quite far when playing with Megan he is very consistent in taking care of her.

In an early press conference, a reporter asked him, “Do you treat Megan as a guy when you act with her?” I’m going to translate his entire response because this is the moment I knew my RPS heart was lit on fire and there was no turning back (4:00-4:41).

River: On the day I first saw her, her hairstyle was what I wanted, but she did it first so I had to change my style. But I found that her styling was really handsome. However, I’ve known her for quite long, and I personally prefer her feminine side. Because I feel that, having not seen her in awhile, she has an added sense of womanliness. I rather like that.

Megan: Thank goodness! I thought you were going to say ‘an added sense of heroism’.

River: You do. But perhaps…compared to me…

Megan: Sorry, senior.

River: Right, right. You know she’s also my junior (female junior) and seniors (male seniors) often feel the special need to take care of their (female) juniors.

Megan: Thank you senior.


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Third Time’s a Charm Pt 2: When Professionals Meet

See Part 1 (Updated)

Last part we left off with the foundation of friendship built during Megan and River’s time filming Because of You. While I am pretty certain that they hadn’t met each other in a while, in the first press conference (0:15-019) he mentioned that he was closer to Megan than the other leads, and that they were already very close from before. I suppose some of us might have friends like that in our lives. We hit it off, we are close for a period, then we lose contact – But when we do meet up again it’s like nothing’s really changed. I feel that it might have been a similar situation. Added to that is that the core of their personality has not changed much over the years, and with both of them being open and playful, it should have been easy to reconnect again. Certainly, if you look at Men’s Talk 1 (3:07-3:14), River was already able to steal Megan’s shirt and wear it.


Megan berates him for that, but he just laughs it off and has the audacity to ask her if it looks nice on him (oh child).



Building on this friendship, it seems that  River and Megan were able to strike up a good working relationship. After all, both are incredibly talented individuals, and their professionalism is evident. Furthermore, both are people with pretty strong opinions, but play off their self-professed chemistry well instead of butting heads.

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Third Time’s a Charm: A RC/ML Ship Manifesto (Pt 1)

I am midway through a giant of an essay on my thoughts on shipping people in real life (or rps if you will). At this point it’s starting to take a slant towards my favourite ‘couple’ at the moment, so I thought, why not rip it out and form an entirely new post. Joke’s on me because after spending a week on and off on this it is becoming a huge monster of its own and will only become bigger as the show progresses. One day I will be capable for writing something less than 1500 words – That day is not today.

This ship manifesto follows in the tradition of the good ol’ lj days. A manifesto often aims to persuade readers towards a ship, but its secondary aim is to be an outlet for a fan to express their love. For me, I take the secondary aim as my first, because at the end of the day I still think it is best to avoid RPS where you can. (Run from the devil y’all while you are able!!)


I want to be clear and say that my real people shipping and analysing their moments to death does not by any means indicate that they are actually romantically interested in each other. I just really admire their chemistry and would wish on every shooting star in the history of the universe for them to get together. I just think based on my very shallow knowledge of them that they’d be good together. But what fans know inevitably constitutes only a very tiny percentage of their lives. Based on my long and arduous history of RPS I can assure you that the odds of them not ending up together is higher than them actually doing so (/end ass covering, lets move on).

My main sources of information come from the various threads in the Bromance Baidu Bar, the DuPi Baidu Bar and in PTT but I also flounder around the internet. I will be linking sources slowly – original sources where possible and secondary sources if not. This is a work in progress and I will be constantly updating as I find new information, so if you spot anything that ought to be credited, and if there are any inaccuracies, please let me know.
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Kiss me, Hold me, Lie to me: Bromance Ep 10 Recap

This week on Bromance: Ho wait, wait, is this plot continuity I see?!

A storm is brewing, you and I both know it. The angst is arriving…it is only a matter of time. This time next week I will be somewhere in the sprawling vastness of New Zealand praying I have strong enough wifi to open a single email, and you will most likely be tuned in to the angst-ridden Episode 11. I feel it in my bones!

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